What Klever means to me, by James Enajite Klever Admin

In all the dimensions of people's thoughts of what Klever is, the most fascinating perception of what Klever seems to be is the fact that Klever means simplicity.

Dynamism is becoming the new normal in various projects and fields of life in recent times. This has led to the development of various platforms and projects especially in the crypto space and field of blockchain technology. 

Nevertheless many people are still comfortable in their comfort zones and are very scared of testing the new depth that life and circumstances have for them. This is evident in the heights people tend to attain by the work they deploy. 

Success is a combination of various factors which indeed is an integration of dedication, determination, diligence, passion and resilience (3DPR). 

If you ever lack one of these integral parts, you would likely start and somewhere along the way begin to dwindle and eventually fade away just like a shaft before the fire. 

Since the advent of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, many teams were certain that they had created the best projects and believed that what was available at the time was all the space had to offer. This is indeed far from the possibilities and opportunities which are attainable in the crypto space.

This is what prompted this article and it is dedicated to the passionate and global Klever community. Many people have asked the question: 

What is Klever? 

Well, Klever certainly means different things to different people. For example, for some Klever is a wallet for storage of cryptocurrency, for others Klever is a token backed by a massive use case which can be used as a payment for goods, services and staking rewards, while for some Klever is a decentralized p2p and self-custody wallet, putting the keys in the hands of the users. 

This means that you have total and full control of your private keys and that the Klever team cannot at any time or in any way access users' funds or view your private keys thereby making you the user or individual truly owning your crypto with Klever wallet. 

In all the dimensions of people's thoughts of what Klever is, the most fascinating perception of what Klever seems to be is the fact that Klever means simplicity.

This in my opinion encapsulates the totality of what Klever stands for and means. Simplicity.

The simplicity of the co-founder and CEO Dio Ianakiara being someone from an incredibly humble beginnings and background in São Paulo, to the simplicity of the management team who have helped to guide the project from inception through easy to use features and simple to understand communication.

The simplicity of the community, who are without reservation the most engaging, passionate, helpful and educated communities out there. And of course the simplicity of the products coming from the stable of the Klever Labs dev house of more than 90 developers, further confirming the integration of the 3DPR.

Klever is indeed simplicity personified and this is replicated in all strata of the KLV community. It is judged as the fastest and most responsive crypto community and professionally managed in all ramifications.

This is evident from the growth experienced in its daily user base around the world, and prominent partnerships with industry-leading companies and blockchain projects, one after the other. 

This in no doubt has endeared Klever to the hearts and minds of the global community from Europe to Asia, from Africa to America and from South America to Australia. 

On a final note, Klever is inviting the world to see and move out of their comfort zones and move deeper into uncharted territory as this would create dimensions for possibilities in the near future. This can only be achievable on the basis of you loving what you do and also doing what you love in a simple way.

The klever way.

By James Enajite

Klever Admin

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