Klever Weekly Newsletter - September 17

Klever Blockchain testnet scheduled for October 15. Klever started the 3-day long event to stake KLV at 16% APR until September 18, added Dapp browser support for Kusama & EGLD on Swap.

Klever Blockchain Testnet on October 15, 2021

Instead of being a smart contracts platform, Klever Blockchain will provide prebuilt and ready-to-use apps and functionalities that are native to the blockchain.

As the digital trend intensifies at a rapid speed worldwide, all global citizens independent of origin, nationality, and social status are now given the empowering opportunity to participate in building decentralized digital economies powered by blockchain and peer-to-peer technologies.

The testnet of this empowering opportunity now have a date, the Klever Blockchain Testnet Launch is officially scheduled for October 15, 2021.

Click below to read the white paper, and get an overview of the project.

White Paper v1.0

Stake KLV at 16% APR

Klever kicked off the 3-day long event to stake KLV at 16% APR to celebrate the global launch of the Klever Exchange on September 30th, this contract will last until the mainnet launch of the Klever Blockchain.

Klever.io started a new smart contract for staking KLV at 16% APR between September 16-18 for all KLV holders and Klever users worldwide.

The new 16% KLV staking contract is already open for both new and old KLV holders to join, and the new contract will last until the launch of the Klever Blockchain mainnet, scheduled to go live between December 2021-January 2022.

Click below to get klever tips that will help you make the most of this three-day event by being sure to stake your KLV at 16% APR.

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Klever has added Dapp browser support for the Kusama Network ecosystem

Klever has added support for the Kusama Network ecosystem in Klever Dapp Browser, the built-in Web 3.0 browser inside Klever Wallet.

Just like all our other features in Klever, the KSM dapp experience is built to be seamless, simple, elegant, fast, and secure for the user.

KSM dapp support is an essential new feature that widely increases the opportunities within the Klever Browser, improving the usability and facilitating the integration of products and services currently running on top of the Kusama Network.

What is Kusama?

Kusama is a decentralized public network of multiple specialized blockchain built using nearly the same codebase as Polkadot. For this reason, it can be used as a pre-production environment for Polkadot that allows any developer to experiment and test new blockchains or applications before releasing them on the Polkadot network.

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What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is the next stage of the internet evolution that makes it more intelligent and processes information with human-like intelligence through the power of artificial intelligence systems.

With Klever Browser, users can explore the burgeoning universe of decentralized finance protocols, discover next generation social media sites, access tokens, collect digital art, compare decentralized exchanges, or find the best blockchain development tools.

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What is a DApp?

Decentralized applications (Dapps) are digital applications that run on a decentralized or peer-to-peer (P2P) network of computers instead of a single computer, and not controlled by a single authority.

Go deep into DApps by reading our newest article: Dapps Explained by Jagdish

Click below to learn more about the partnership between Klever and Kusama.

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Klever Swap Adds EGLD (BEP20)

We have added 9 direct swap trading pairs for the scaling blockchain technology ecosystem for the new internet.

To support our Klever community, we’ve activated 9 Direct Trading Pairs in your Klever Wallet


What is Elrond (EGLD)?

By using sharding, Elrond is a blockchain protocol that offers extremely fast transaction speeds. In a nutshell, this project describes itself as a new internet technology ecosystem. Its smart contracts execution platform is said to be capable of 15000 transactions per second, six seconds of latency, and a cost of $0.001.

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Meet Mathijs Bok: our Head of Customer Support Operation

You'll always have seamless support from Mathijs and his global team, no matter when or where you need it.

Klever is a community. Our members are able to relate to one another because of our love for our Klever ecosystem and the revolutionary power that blockchain and crypto education can provide to the world. 

As a great community, like a neighborhood, it's important to have a figure who ensures everyone understands the group's purpose as well as someone you can speak to when faced with a personal crisis.

I work everyday with Mathijs and he teaches me a lot, but we wanted our whole community to get to know him better than just through his fast responses and great communication skills in his Twitter account. - Klever Writer, Maluh Bastos.

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Meet Felipe Rieger: our Product Manager for Exchange and Head of NFT

In charge of some of Klever's most anticipated launches, this calm and confident Brazilian doesn't back down from a challenge

When we have big projects in our hands, it’s usual to feel nervous or overwhelmed with the challenge. But now you are going to meet a person who is not only unafraid of challenges but also does it with calmness and confidence.

Meet our Product Manager for Klever Exchange and Head of NFT for Klever, Felipe Rieger: a very cool Brazilian guy who is juggling the launch of Klever Exchange with the new project for NFTs to the upcoming versions of the Klever ecosystem.

I think that NFTs real bull run still hasn't started yet, there is a lot to come, we are taking baby steps.  - Felipe Rieger.

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