Klever Weekly Newsletter - October 8

Klever Insight Livestreams launched this week. Coin of the week showcases Polygon and Klever Swaps adds GALA to name a few.

Klever Insight Livestream Launch

The first Klever Insight Livestream was launched this week with the amazing presence of Misha Lederman, Klever’s Director of Communication, and Felipe Rieger, Klever Exchange Product Manager & Head of Klever NFT.

Misha and Felipe talked for an hour about working at Klever, new features coming to the Exchange, for NFT Market, new listings, and more, to name a few. 

Watch the full livestream to see how this conversation unfolded.

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Meet Bruno Campos: Klever’s CTO

Representing the balance between hard work and a positive mindset, Bruno exhales good energy while dealing with great challenges that will push Klever even further.

Meet Bruno Campos in this article, which is in charge as the Chief of Technology Operations in Klever. Our CTO reflects very well one of the best native spirits of his country when he mixes a large smile with a great potent brain. And both of them are taking Klever to higher levels.

As “Klever”, our first steps were challenging: to create blockchain ecosystems without any money. So, that’s when the community driven company models came to solve it! - Bruno Campos, Klever’s CTO.

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Klever Swap Adds GALA (BEP20)

We have added 9 direct swap trading pairs for the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry.

To support our Klever community, we’ve activated 9 Direct Trading Pairs in your Klever Wallet

  • GALA (BEP20) / KLV

  • GALA (BEP20) / BTC

  • GALA (BEP20) / ETH 

  • GALA (BEP20) / TRX

  • GALA (BEP20) / USDT (ERC20) 

  • GALA (BEP20) / USDT (TRC20)

  • GALA (BEP20) / KBTC

  • GALA (BEP20) / KETH

  • GALA (BEP20) / BUSD (BEP20)

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Coin of the Week - Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon has been a rising star of the crypto world and the first Indian crypto project making it to the top 25 crypto projects listed on various crypto exchanges.

Formerly known as MATIC, Polygon is a blockchain scalability platform built on the Ethereum Blockchain system. It is also known as Ethereum's Internet of Blockchains. Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks and aggregating scalable solutions supporting a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem.

With the growing adoption of Ethereum network, Polygon has all the qualities to become one of the top three crypto projects in the coming months. - Jagdish Kumar, Klever Writer.

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Exchange, Wallets and their benefits

Exchanges, wallets, cryptocurrencies: blockchain concepts that have been updated by the Klever ingenious team.

The world as we know it is in a state of constant and accelerated change such that the ability to have borderless commerce and communication through the internet has already caused an immeasurable change in the way individuals handle their lives, finance, and security.

There is so much coming out of the stables of the Klever Development team as we move gradually into a decentralized global economy. - James Enajite, Klever Writer.

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How Klever Rewards, rewards you

The Klever team with its intuitive nature has created ways to reward its users in multiple processes ranging from staking, trading with minimal fees, referral programs and so much more.

It has been proven that rewards encourage users and individuals to always come back for more and such can help to increase the bonds between developers and users. The same is true for any other business or services rendered. No matter how small the rewards are, the users or people are encouraged to continue to use the product or services.

Obviously this is indeed a Klever way of earning passive income in form of rewards and Klever is passionate about its community being rewarded for their unrelenting efforts to spread the Klever news far and wide to a global reach. - James Enajite, Klever Writer.

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