Why purchasing travel tickets with KLV via Travala benefits you?

The ease of moving from one place to another either for pleasure or business is a pointer for how comfortable your journey could be as a traveler. 

People were more comfortable to move from one point to another before the covid19 pandemic and this made the tourism industry one of the most lucrative to venture into as there were so many products and services to choose from to meet the expectations of customers.

With the easing of restrictions globally from various governments, people have resumed the global trend of travelling all over the world again with a new method of payment as the previous payment method sometimes warranted a physical presence which was associated with transmitting the virus.

Customers could easily make bookings for hotels, flight tickets, taxis and so much more from the comfort of their homes using any of the payment methods but the most interesting part of it is the ability to pay with crypto currencies.

One great project which has redefined the travel and tourism industry in the crypto world is Travala.com which allows people to book more than 3,000,000 travel products including accommodations, flights and activities in 90,124 destinations in 230 countries and territories across the globe.

How Klever supports your travel needs

The Klever team, known for its innovative and adoption strategy in the crypto space, has teamed up with Travala so that people can travel and spend their leisure time while making their payment using the KLV token. It is a great opportunity for both teams to help spread the adoption of using crypto currencies to make payments. The Klever wallet is a decentralized peer-to-peer wallet system, with its intuitive features facilitating seamless payment by generating a QR code for any crypto of choice.

The KLV token gives the users so many benefits which can be used for leisure, tourism, accommodation and so much more. Just staking the KLV in the Klever wallet generates passive income which can also be used for making such reservations. The users can make a choice of what crypto to make their payment while using the Travala platform in making their reservations.

There are the benefits of a fast, efficient and transparent transaction for the users by using the KLV token on the Travala platform with a minimal transaction fee which has proven to be among the cheapest in the industry at the moment. Thereby making the KLV token a preferred choice in making payments on the platform for reservations and bookings.

An increasing number of small and medium sized business owners are now accepting Klever’s own native token KLV as means of payment for their businesses. This is a tremendous support to the increase for using the Klever wallet as a means of storage, conducting transactions, accessing web 3.0 and ensuring long-term savings.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that we are gradually drifting into the decentralized world and it would only be Klever for new users to start creating their wallets for storing their crypto currencies in one of the safest wallets available in the space.

It is indeed a Klever thing to do.

By James Enajite

Klever Writer