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Travel is likely to be an exciting part of what most people do in their lives when they can experience nature and relish its gifts.

Most people travel just for the fun of it while others travel for various reasons including for business, emergencies, leisure, and pleasure. Individuals have the freedom of choice to travel around the world and have a good time.  

Do you miss travelling?

Prior to the covid-19 pandemic, the world was a beehive of activities with all the international and local airports receiving visitors on a regular basis. Subsequently, creating opportunities for small businesses and resorts to thrive in order to generate income for the owners.

This made hotels and leisure places an exciting spot for couples and families especially for the summer holidays and other kinds of vacations as a means of unwinding from work activities.

Payment for such leisure activities and accommodations were all made using fiat currencies and were really cumbersome as some countries posed a lot of challenges for accepting funds from individuals from some restricted countries.

Furthermore, funds aren't properly cleared by financial institutions due to delays on their swift network, which manages the transfer of money from one country to another.

One great project which has redefined the travel and tourism industry in the crypto world is which allows people to book more than 3,000,000 travel products including accommodations, flights, and activities in 90,124 destinations in 230 countries and territories across the globe. 

This indeed has transformed the travel and tourism industry in a lot of ways. Whereby people can now use the various cryptocurrencies to make payments for hotels and travel tickets either for air, sea, and road transportation globally.

This is an innovative way of remittances as the payments are universal without economical barriers from different countries as the payments are generated from various parts of the world using the blockchain to facilitate transparency, safety, and lower fees for the transaction.

The Klever team, known for its innovative and adoption strategy in the crypto space, has teamed up with Travala so that people can travel and spend their leisure time while making their payments using the KLV token.

It is a great opportunity for both teams to help spread the adoption of using cryptocurrencies to make payments. The Klever wallet is a decentralized peer-to-peer wallet system, with its intuitive features facilitating seamless payment by generating a QR code for any crypto of choice.

This transforms the ecosystem in a lot of ways and enables people to travel in a smarter way while making payments from their Klever wallet and having confirmations of such payments instantly done on their mobile devices.'s vision is to align travel and leisure booking with the goal of using decentralized technology. This in the long run is to promote accessibility to anyone, anywhere, as long as they have a mobile device and want to embark on a trip.

The world is completely going decentralized and people need to start thinking smart or rather Klever (smiles) by doing the basic things like downloading the Klever wallet and using it to store their cryptocurrencies.

It is a Klever thing to do.

By James Enajite

Klever Writer

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