Travala thrives through pandemic scenario in their 2021 Q3 results

Report shows that cryptocurrencies’ growth helped the company to achieve incredible numbers during the challenging times of global pandemic

The travel booking website Travala, which accepts cryptocurrencies as payment, has reported its results for the Q3 of 2021. The outcome was celebrated by the company’s CEO who shared the thriving position that Travala is facing even though the traveling business was highly affected because of the Corona pandemic. 

According to the CEO Juan Otero, “even with the last years being the most challenging on record for the travel industry, has grown exponentially as the rise in cryptocurrency adoption has more than offset the negative impact of the pandemic”.

Otero shared that the development growth also can be attributed to the company’s improvement in their speed and relevance of search results and to the upgrades in platform’s security and infrastructure.

“We will continue to invest heavily in the growth of the platform to continue expanding our reach and improving the travel booking experience for crypto travellers around the world”

-Juan Otero, CEO of

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Travel numbers show promising growth

Travala’s total revenue for Q3 2021 was $9.8 million, comprising hotels, flights, activities, concierge, and integration fees. 

According to the report, this represents 651% growth over the same period in 2020, and even though the result was very different from the previous quarter (only 0.3%), a breakdown by vertical demonstrates that their core verticals performed with significant improvements. 


The report also states that they worked hard to improve the core platform and booking infrastructure in Q3, aggressively recruiting and adding several top-quality hires over the last quarter, specially in the engineering and customer support teams. 

The result of this strategy included a lot improvements in the platform such as:

Rapid and relevant booking search; more robust reporting capabilities;significantly enhanced security, increased protection for customer information, and running security audits and tests to identify and address platform vulnerabilities.

The goal for Q4

The company’s development goals for Q4 are going to be focused towards innovation and decentralization. 

“Our top focus will be to launch the “proof-of-travel” NFTs, as voted for by our community. We are currently still in the program design phase, but are devoting a lot of resources to this as a priority. Once the program has fully taken shape, we will develop the NFTs themselves” reports

However, the company shared that they will not “lose focus on the continued improvement of the core booking platform” and its underlying infrastructure. Also, Travala is working on finishing the development of the Travala API and in the beginning of the integration of their mini-app into more partner exchanges and metaverses. 

Last, but not least, the company will complete the infrastructure upgrade of their wallet in order to support BEP2, BEP20, and ERC20 tokens. and Klever is Klever’s partner. 

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