Edward Snowden alerts countries to not hesitate in adopting crypto

The privacy activist warned latecomers may regret later

Bitcoin's legal tender status in El Salvador heightened global repercussions - not only for countries with similar economic backgrounds, but also for financially stable nations as well, which may flourish even more by enabling digital asset entries and decentralized ecosystem implementation.

The privacy activist, Edward Snowden, was one of those who had some words to say about the Salvadoran’s decision and the hint of doubt that still circles around those who are skeptical about cryptos in general. 

Snowden, who is a former computer intelligence consultant for the National Security Agency (NSA) and contractor for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), stated that 

“There is now pressure on competing nations to acquire bitcoin, even if only as a reserve asset”.

After El Salvador, Ukraine just passed a bill regulating crypto, as well as Cuba and potentially Panama, which has already prepared a draft bill to make cryptocurrencies legal in the country. Edward Snowden warned that thinking twice may have an expensive cost. 

“Latecomers may regret hesitating”, he alerted. 

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