The Klever, Powerful and Simple User Experience

Klever products are always built with user experience in mind.

How best can you gauge the effectiveness of a product or service if it isn’t in the hands of the user experience. This has been the major challenge for software developers and product concept analysts, as most of them do not have the perseverance to wait upon the results generated from the user experience to critically evaluate the perspective of their users.

Products and services are provided or designed generally to meet the expectations of their users in order to help them experience relief for using the product or service in the best possible way. This can be said for products and services developed for the various sectors which include but are not limited to the banking industry, healthcare industry, sports industry, government and so much more.

User Experience in the crypto world and the Klever approach

However, the crypto community has experienced the development of exchanges without an in-depth analysis of how such exchanges should work and give a proper user experience. This has led to massive losses on the part of both the users and the exchanges as a result of the inefficiencies of the developers. This has left a sour taste in the mouths of investors who are skeptical of the antics of some centralized exchanges.

The Klever team, on the other hand, has taken time to analyze what the users want especially in the crypto space with regards to exchange development and wallet creation. The Klever team has engaged experienced developers for the creation of the Klever wallet to accommodate the users using various personas to elucidate the experience needed in the development of the various projects. 

Safety as part of the user experience

The Klever exchange upon launch would offer custody to user funds in multiple Klever security modules, which we call Kustody. This will autonomously manage the funds between themselves based on the balance that they are storing.

The security architecture of Kustody will follow strong security patterns to encapsulate its access, and enable it to only communicate with our services. The Kustody instances are leveraging the already consolidated Klever Core used in the Klever Wallet, all based on Klever OS (Operating System).

The autonomous order book on the Klever Exchange will provide an extremely high throughput of orders that can not be compared to other exchanges. Multiple security modules will hold users' funds in a unique, independent and extremely secure way.

Due to the high user interactive engagements by the Klever developers, sequel to the launch of Klever Exchange, the Klever ecosystem will give our users the option of holding their crypto in self-custody through the Klever app, as well as in the custody of Klever Exchange in order to trade at the fastest crypto exchange on the market, supporting over 3M transactions per second. Especially when we have more than 3 million users worldwide, which is very useful for the global crypto community as a whole. 

The Klever development team is keen on ensuring that users have the best, simplest and most powerful user experience as they start using the new Klever exchange and wallet system. We assure the issues of security, safety and speed have been put into high consideration during the development phase of all Klever products.

It is indeed a Klever thing to do.

By James Enajite
Klever Writer

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