Welcome Polygon & BSC Dapps, now available and supported in the Klever Wallet browser

Discover thousands of Dapps, use them, and enjoy them through your Klever Wallet browser.

Dapps built on top of Polygon, one of the world’s fastest growing blockchains, as well as Binance Smart Chain (BSC) are now fully accessible with and supported by the Klever Wallet browser.

Dapps built on top of Polygon (Matic), a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, is now seamlessly integrated into the Klever wallet. The layer 2 onboarding infrastructure was built and currently allows over 150,000+ Polygon wallets direct access to DeFi Lending & Yield Farming, DEX, Games and NFTs, etc.

Also using the dual-chain architecture, Binance Smart Chain allows users to create decentralized apps and cryptocurrencies on one blockchain while taking advantage of the fast trading on the other. Binance Smart Chain is becoming more and more popular among dapps. Several of them have already seen a significant increase in their onchain users. 

PancakeSwap, for example, whose volume is beyond Uniswap already on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), is considered as the Uniswap. The Binance Smart Chain in the Klever browser now also includes dex, defi, wallet, scanner, etc.

What is Web 3.0?

Known as the user's gateway to Web 3.0, this new kind of browser is built directly into Klever wallet with full security and seamless user experience.

It is the next stage of the evolution of the internet, which integrates AI-based systems and makes it more intelligent and human-like in how it processes information.  

With the blockchain protocol, individuals can connect to a decentralized internet in which they will own and be compensated for their data and time. It bypasses global browser giants that exploit users' data and privacy through centralized systems. 

Users of the new Browser can now access their Polygon and BSC blockchain wallets conveniently and securely. 

In addition to exploring the burgeoning universe of decentralized finance protocols, users can also discover next generation social media sites, acquire tokens, collect digital art, compare decentralized exchanges, and find some of the best blockchain development tools.

When playing games, interacting with DeFi protocols, exchanging crypto collectibles, or connecting to the web 3.0, Klever Browser ensures you always remain in control of how much data you expose to third parties.

Klever's Dapps Browser facilitates this process. 

What is a Dapp?

Dapps run on distributed computing systems and are decentralized applications. The Ethereum and Binance blockchains have made Dapps popular, where Dapps are referred to as smart contracts.

Klever Browser will allow three million plus users to access ETH and BSC Dapps through Klever's Ethereum Dapp Browser Support. It has built an integration interface between your favorite

Dapps and your blockchain accounts. 

It allows users around the world to access thousands of Dapps that include Swaps, DeFi, NFTs, Smart Chain, Yield Farming protocols. These Dapps have become very popular and billions of dollars worth of transactions are done every day. 

To summarize: Klever Browser works just like any web browser - but even better. You can access crypto, blockchain platforms, as well as any website that you browse daily in a protected environment. Be it checking your email, websites for news & information, you can use this safely as it uses Web 3.0 technology.

Klever Wallet now includes support for Polygon, BSC, Kusama, Ethereum and Tron Dapps, with even more smart contract blockchains being integrated soon. 

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