Notice: Termination of partnership with Cred

Following the recent file for bankruptcy Chapter 11 by Cred in light of alleged fraud, we at Klever want to express our solidarity with Cred and especially their clients in this difficult time.

In our work and product development, we at Klever constantly pursue the highest level of security operations as a top priority in all that we do. Therefore, we are saddened to see a reputable and established firm like Cred fall victim to bankruptcy following this incident.

We have finished our partnership with Cred and from now on, we will have a more rigorous and deeper process to assess our partners, with particular emphasis on our partners’ internal security measures and cybersecurity protection.

Any users who signed up for Cred’s 3rd party programs need to speak directly to Cred regarding their funds in Cred’s custody. Any affected users need to make contact with them, since we do not have any operational relation with them anymore and we have never held or controlled any funds sent to Cred.

To find out more details about Cred’s  Chapter 11, please visit:

Users invested with Cred can file proof of claim here:

User can also email their claims to:

Sincerely, team