New Security Standards for Klever Exchange

Since releasing Klever Exchange to the public, we have quietly collected user feedback across all our platforms.

Our approach to developing financial tools within the Klever Ecosystem is guided by security and the safety of our users. As a result, Klever Exchange has implemented new security standards to protect our users' cryptocurrency and their trades.

The new standards include the following core requirements across all platforms i.e. Desktop and Mobile devices: 

  • You must have an active 2FA set up on your profile before withdrawing funds. (Two Factor Authentication)

  • For administrative reasons, and again for security reasons, the resetting of a lost 2FA requires a valid ID or driver's license

  • Previously created 2FA setups will need to be recreated to approve withdrawals.

Klever Exchange currently uses Google 2FA to secure your trading accounts.

When activating 2FA, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your Klever Exchange profile screen on your desktop or mobile app.

  • Select “2FA Authenticator”

  • Download and install the Google Authenticator App if you have not already done so

  • Once completed and installed, scan the QR-Code with your Google Authenticator app, or manually add the generated new key by pressing the “plus” icon in the Authenticator application and selecting “enter a setup key”.

  • Once synced, your Google Authenticator app should display a 6-digit code that changes every minute. Add that code to your Klever Exchange setup and confirm.

  • A generated backup key will be displayed, please save this information in a secure place. This will be used if you lose access to your device which holds and manages your active Google Authenticator codes.

  • Confirm all is saved and you’re secure. 

We have created a range of tutorials specifically for the 2FA update, if you need more information, get in touch with our support team.

Your feedback and dedication motivate us to continuously improve Klever products and Klever teams.  Keep on sharing!

By Warren Manuel
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