Movie theater company AMC will accept Bitcoin and other cryptos

Struggling to survive post pandemic economic issues, the move aims to lure audiences with other payment options

The American movie theater company AMC stated through its Chief Executive Officer’s tweet, Adam Aron, that AMC will accept not only Bitcoin but other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash as payment to tickets and services. 

Back in August, while publishing the earnings of the second-quarter, the company already stated that it would accept Bitcoins as a means for payment in their movie theaters until the end of 2021. 

However, now with the CEO’s statement it is clear that AMC wants to expand their cryptocurrency’s policy and accept more than the most famous crypto in the world, increasing the possibilities for those who invest in alt-coins as well. 

Even though this move is considered very positive to cryptocurrencies’ purchases, some media outlets are commenting on how this improvement may be connected to the company’s current situation, which seems very close to bankruptcy. 

By accepting cryptos, the movie theater company  would give one of its last attempts to rise from the current situation, especially after COVID-19 pandemics, which has left many entertainment companies in difficult situations such as AMC. 

Nevertheless, if it all goes well, another big business would be adopting the payment system with cryptos, increasing the number of endeavors that are betting on this digital innovation.  

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