More than 10 million Texans support crypto adoption

The US state is showing growing interest in cryptocurrencies with 42% of residents supporting a crypto-friendly legislation

A recent poll made by Newsweek suggested that more than 10 million citizens of Texas, US, are willing to accept cryptocurrencies’ adoption in the state. The poll surveyed more than 9,700 eligible voters across ten U.S. swing states - meaning those states which can be won by either Democratic or Republican parties in elections. 

The results showed that 37% of the populace in Texas would vote in favor of a ballot measure to make crypto legal and 42% of them would support crypto-friendly legislation in a similar fashion to what happened in Wyoming.

The research was conducted by the London-based polling firm Redfield & Wilton Strategies and also surveyed voters from California, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

While a quarter of the voters were indifferent about supporting or opposing crypto, states like Arizona were really on the negative side to the adoption of cryptocurrencies with 40% of voters signaling opposition. 

The report announced on September 20, collected data from August 20-24, before two pieces of crypto legislation were passed in Texas.

The first one was the state’s House Bill 1576 that established a blockchain working group and the second, House Bill 4474, was an amendment to the state’s Uniform Commercial Code to recognize cryptocurrencies under commercial law. 

Texas is already considered a good spot for crypto, once it is a place that is known for mining services with its source of renewable energy and power grid policies.

However, it needs to have more initiatives when it comes to local businesses supporting cryptocurrencies as means of payment, so that the crypto economy can grow.  

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