Meet Mathijs Bok: our Head of Customer Support Operation

You'll always have seamless support from Mathijs and his global team, no matter when or where you need it

Klever is a community. Our members are able to relate to one another because of our love for our Klever ecosystem and the revolutionary power that blockchain and crypto education can provide to the world. 

As a great community, like a neighborhood, it's important to have a figure who ensures everyone understands the group's purpose as well as someone you can speak to when faced with a personal crisis.

In companies, we relate that person (or group of people) with the Customer Support Operations department. They make sure the train is on its track and running perfectly, as well as develop strategies to give support to the customers throughout their experiences. 

A fast-tongued Dutchman named Mathijs Bok heads the Customer Support Operations department. Mathijs is a quick thinker, who knows how to resolve issues fast. He is smart, quick-witted and works 24/7, just like our AI robots do. 

I work everyday with Mathijs and he teaches me a lot, but we wanted our whole community to get to know him better than just through his fast responses and great communication skills in his Twitter account.

1) There is a saying of Coretta Scott King that states: "The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members". Anyone who follows Klever on Social Media, especially Twitter, knows that one of the biggest highlights of Klever is the community. And they are really passionate. 

For you, as Head of Customer Support Operations at Klever, how important is the community's active participation to build a stronger ecosystem?

For Klever, the community is everything. They are the core users of our business who are using our products. 

With all the continuous feedback we get from the community we have built and are building products with the absolute best user experience for the Klever ecosystem. 

Because without a community you have no base or foundation for what you are building. 

The Klever vision we want to bring over to our community is that education is key, and we achieve that by empowering our community to become educators of Klever themselves, so they continue to educate their friends, family, colleagues and so on. 

So only with a community that is educating each other we become stronger. And with a stronger community you can build a stronger ecosystem.

2) With such active users, what is the biggest challenge in the work of Customer Support Operations on a daily basis? 

For us there is no bigger challenge on a daily basis than to handle the amount of requests and questions from our community in a personal and extremely quick fashion. 

Together with my amazing global Support team, which is fully stacked 24/7, we can handle each question, concern or issue in a matter of hours. 

Even when there is a huge support demand, we scale up the team, so the user doesn’t even notice that we have a huge demand ongoing in the background. 

And I think that is my biggest challenge to hold the reaction rate times as low as possible with my team, and not only the reaction times. For us it is also important to complete the request in a high standard way and always provide quality service above quantity.

3) How do you believe a company can achieve its best when it comes to communicating with the user? 

Listening well and communicating clearly will assist in creating effective communication to the user. 

When there is important information to be shared or when there is a serious technical issue ongoing, then you need to communicate this as quickly as possible to the community - it saves a lot of time on your Support area, and the community is patient with the solution. 

The Klever management team also has a lot of experience in crisis management, which becomes essential when communicating with our community of users during times of need. 

4) Sometimes we have to translate specific information regarding different aspects of the Klever ecosystem. How is the relationship between Customer Support and the other departments within Klever? How is that workflow?  

With Klever we have always strived to have and enact a flat organisational structure, on a global scale. 

So there are no walls to break down before me, and my team has the ability to contact the technical departments of all products at will with no obstruction. 

We have many tools where we can communicate within the whole company in an open and accessible way.

So when you have a question to a certain department you can easily contact each other to get a proper answer in a very short time frame. You don’t need to wait days before you get a reply, it usually takes minutes to get the proper answer. 

That is one of the most important elements to enable us to hold a high standard in communication to the community.

5) As we stated previously, Klever has utilized social media as a great way of interacting with its customers. How does Klever intend to improve its work support-wise in Social Media?   

At Klever we have a great Social Media team that is active daily on all platforms to monitor for any possible questions or concerns to handle, which arise from these platforms. 

When there is a question, the Social Media team is taking care of that, but when it goes deeper for them, then they contact Support on our internal communication tool to ask help for the related question.

And when it needs more time to solve the question, then the Social Media team advises the user to open a ticket on our Support Page to gather all information to achieve a solution. 

6) What links you to customer relationships, personally?

Personally as a user, I have experienced many different companies in crypto and how they value their customer support experience in many different manners - such as how long it took to solve a blocked account, how long it took to get locked funds back, how long it took to get a proper answer on a normal non-technical question. 

As the worst example: In the past, I had put a support ticket at a company and it took seriously 3 months before I received the first reply. This is utterly unacceptable.

Another example is with stuck funds. It took 9 days before the funds were whitelisted for withdrawal, which is a very bad experience for any user.

And with more examples I had the experience to witness the worst scenarios. 

And when I came into Klever and got the task to manage, build and scale our Support Operations, I clearly knew what we shouldn’t do. 

But what we needed to do was to raise the bar for Customer Support in the entire crypto industry. So that is the common reason why my team is so well trained to respond within minutes on tickets on the first reply and in seconds on the live chat for the first reply. 

7) What is your usual approach when it comes to communicating with Klever customers? 

Our usual approach is by a ticket system and through chat on our Support Page. 

So then the user will always get a response on his reply even when the ticket is created in the morning and needs a reply in the evening. 

All our agents are handling the tickets that are open for reply, even if you are not the first responder. 

That is the beauty of a well-coordinated 24/7 Support Team operating from across the world. Then you have the ability to treat all users the same.

For us every customer is equal. We treat every customer the same way.

8) Klever just celebrated its 1 year anniversary. What improvement have you seen from the beginning till now in Klever's Customer Support? 

Our main improvement is the Support Team that has grown during that 1st year. 

With the launch of each product, the demand went higher also. 

And then you need to scale up the team to keep the high standard that I had visioned: short reaction times, issues quickly solved, quick return of funds in case of a failed swap and so on.

And with the current team base we are capable of meeting that standard. 

9) With new challenges come new responsibilities. On the verge of the launch of the Klever Exchange's complete version, Klever's Blockchain, Klever's Hardware Wallet and much more, how are the Customer Support Operations preparing for those new steps? 

We will grow further with the products that are coming to our users because more products result in more users. 

And more users also give rise to new questions of concerns due to education. So then we scale the team more and more. 

We will hire more and more agents to help our customers with their questions. 

We do everything with the customer in mind, to meet the response times that we have now already. 

We want to maintain the customer satisfaction rate 95.7% and are working on it to get that few percent extra.

10) What is the current structure of the Customer Support team? How many members do you have working with you and how is that communication between the team members?

In my team every agent is the same. We are one support family.

We currently have 13 people 24/7 scheduled to help our users on chat and ticket support. 

But that’s not all: we also have over 25+ local channel moderators that handle support questions in their channels. 

In this way it is easy for the user to get a better explained answer in their own language. We use our internal communication tool to talk about tickets, chats and what we can improve. 

But for me it is important that they also talk like they are friends of each other so we also share private situations and tighten up our bond.

11)  Last, but not least, what would you want to be your mark in Klever's history? 

The mark that I want to leave is that everybody knows that Customer Support of Klever is super important for a business to use as a standard. 

It is your business card of education success. So my mark would be: Education is key to success.

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