Marvel and DC forbid artists to sell NFTs of their characters

Both companies barred artists and showed interest to build their own legacy in the NFT’s universe

Breaking a tradition that always allowed their creators and artists to sell original prints of published works, Marvel and DC Comics decided that they won’t allow artists to sell works of their characters through the NFT environment. 

The motive: allegedly, both comic books industry moguls want to get into the NFT business theirselves, indicating that some major moves may be coming in this segment. 

The subject isn’t entirely new in the comic book industry. Marvel already sold digital collectibles of Spider Man in August.

However, by forbidding the artists from having any kind of profit from their work on the characters, even if it is in the NFT space, it opened up a larger discussion about derivative media profits that comes from those artists' creations. 

Nowadays, characters from the Marvel universe or DC Comics are in movies and all sorts of derivative media in Hollywood. But artists still complain about the lack of fair payments for the use of those figures on such huge platforms. 

In that case, NFTs would present as a great opportunity to have a direct profit from the characters developed by those creators. But the idea was shut down as Marvel and DC barred the artists’ right to sell the non-fungible tokens directly. 

Nevertheless, the initiative from those two giant entertainment companies gives a positive sign regarding the NFT growth and interest.

The revolutionary aspect of a verifiable ownership of an authentic piece on the internet is opening more doors to a new way of consuming and sharing art in general. 

And with more multinational and solid companies adhering to the space, more trust and worth it’ll have from the market and audiences, elevating the expectations of NFTs success to a sky-high level. 

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