Refresher: how KLV is powering the Klever Exchange

KLV isn't just another token, it's a means of embracing the astounding future of the economy

Creating a product is obviously a holistic process with the developer and the team members involved to achieve the purpose for which the product is created. This involves critical thinking processes and analysis to determine the end from the beginning of the project. Several products and services have been developed in a similar method and produced excellent results from the development of such products and services.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are also built in similar process-driven methodologies to achieve user satisfaction.  Without a proper use case, the utility of any token, coin or blockchain will have no meaningful growth as most projects in the crypto space were developed without proper analysis. That is the reason why most projects fail to accomplish the purpose for which they were designed.

Not just another token

Klever, on the other hand, is composed of analysts and developers who are committed to making sure they have a thorough understanding of the ecosystem in which the Klever token KLV is used to drive desired growth.

We believe that having a utility token that powers all of our products and services bring credibility, agility, accountability and independence to our users. It strengthens our relationship with our community and enables dynamic partnership deals.

All transactions carried out in the portfolio of apps go through the KLV coin, directly or indirectly. KLV is the link between our users and the products and services in the portfolio. Our team will continually work to strengthen this link since it is what connects us with our users and grows the ecosystem.

There are so many use cases within the ecosystem which makes KLV a token that would be cherished and sought after by all and sundry in no distant time.

KLV use cases

In order not to go into full details I would like to highlight a few of the use cases of the KLV token which would obviously become the best performing token year to date (YTD). This is itemized in no particular order.

  1. Burn token: Every quarter the Klever team burns KLV based on the KLV swap fees collected on our crypto-to crypto swap platform. All transactions are recorded on the blockchain. A total of 5B KLV tokens will be destroyed using this mechanism and thereby removed from the KLV supply.  It also serves as a burn token for minting other tokens within the ecosystem where the tokens are created after burning with a calculated mechanism by reducing the token in circulation.

  1. Used for Tourism: The KLV is one of the many tokens on the tourism platform Travala where users can make payment for trips either land, air or sea with a possibility of booking for hotel reservations and feeding comfortably from their Klever wallet.

  2. Listed on several exchanges: The Klever team has signed several partnerships with top exchanges globally to enable users from various locations all over the world to have access to the KLV token 

  3. Staking: The KLV Staking feature will increase the current circulating supply by using an inflationary smart contract. The inflation goal is to reward users that are staking KLV to support the project.

  4. Transaction fees: For every trading platform, there is the need to infuse some form of transaction fees into the trading by users. This is where the KLV token serves a more important role as it serves as the fuel for the execution of each trade within the Klever exchange platform. This is a minimal cost which makes Klever exchange one of the least expensive platforms to trade cryptocurrencies. The Klever team factored into the development to accommodate everyone in the trading process from the extremely poor, to the extremely rich and wealthy to trade on the exchange.

It can only be a Klever thing to do, when you join the Klever community by downloading the Klever wallet and sign up for the Klever exchange. Everyone, all over the world, can access all the possibilities created by the Klever team and get the KLV token to thrive in the crypto business.

By James Enajite

Klever Writer  

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