Don’t blink: KleverScan is another super addition to the ecosystem

If information is a superpower, you’ll almost be able to fly. Keep track of your transactions and know more with Klever’s blockchain explorer

When it comes to the Klever Ecosystem, you can’t blink. 

No, seriously. 

Just when you think everything that’s been launched is already awesome, our team comes and surprises you with more. 

And one of those new improvements is the explorer, aka KleverScan for KleverChain, our very own blockchain. 

But, no worries. We’ll talk about this and explain in case you are still not familiar with what it is and how it works. 

What is a Blockchain, Explorer? 

A Blockchain Explorer is a type of browser where you can check the specific information about blocks and their transactions. 

As we already know, blocks in the blockchain are a kind of digital ledger in which information about various transactions is registered, validated, and approved by miners. 

That being said, the Explorer helps you to see the activity on the blockchain, identify, track and keep up with the growth of transactions, as well as view the network hashrate, among other useful information

As said on the CoinMarketCap website:

You can think of it as a window into the blockchain world, giving you the opportunity to observe what’s happening on it.

What is KleverScan and how does it work?

So, KleverScan is the first blockchain browser/explorer in the Klever community.

It means that it provides complete browsing and search experience, with all information needed, such as Blocks, Transactions, Accounts, Nodes, Assets, Market Cap, Price, Transactions History, and much more. 

Technically, all information processed by the blockchain is indexed and saved into a database.

A load-balanced API/Proxy is then provided to fetch all data from that database and serve whoever is needing it. 

KleverScan then uses this proxy to fetch all the info needed from the blockchain around the world.

How does KleverScan improve our Ecosystem? 

KleverScan is the first and only gateway for the user to Klever’s Blockchain, the KleverChain.

Therefore, it gives visibility for all users of all the information of the KleverChain and it provides an entry point for future additions such as login and making transactions right on it.

It’s very important that Klever users are up-to-date with it because it’s another great step into the growth of our ecosystem. 

To be able to track all the information needed - both for regular users and traders - is something really helpful in terms of transparency and efficiency of the blockchain. 

For crypto enthusiasts, it is also helpful because they are able to track market activities such as the number of coins in the circulating supply, the market cap, and other info. 


On October 15, Klever launched its KleverChain Testnet, providing a safer, faster, and smarter cryptocurrency experience by giving permissioned blockchain governed by the community to all users globally, allowing them to participate in and thrive within the decentralized economy.

With KleverChain, developers can build decentralized applications in a way that has not been possible before, making it easier, cheaper, and simpler.

KleverChain offers an array of decentralized applications, and with the launch of the Testnet, these applications will be prodded, tested and optimized to make your blockchain experience secure, seamless and productive. 

We are building our blockchain from the ground up with the expertise, knowledge, and an open mind needed for the most effective technologies in terms of security, performance, scalability, and accessibility.

Click here to get to know more about all the applications, features and technologies in KleverChain. 

Maluh Bastos

Writer and Editor

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