Klever's Referral Program Launched - Earn 50% of Your Invited Friends' Swap Fees

Klever users worldwide can now earn 50% of their invited friends' Swap fees with the launch of our Referral Program, which is now accessible in Klever's new Update 4.0.8 available for iOS & Android.

The Klever Referral Program Is Finally Here! 

The principles of the Referral Program are very simple and gives anyone, anywhere in the world a great opportunity to earn a daily passive income through referral links by giving away 50% of all Swap fees for the first period. 

Here are the simple steps on how to earn a daily passive income:

1. Download Klever App or update your Klever App to the latest version.

2. Open your Klever App

3. Go to Settings and click on “Invite friends”

4. Copy your link and share it with friends!

Simply make sure that your friends are downloading Klever to a new device, and creating a new account. It’s really that simple. 

Track Your Referral Commissions in Klever

Klever also gives you the ability to instantly track all your referrals and commissions directly in the app, where you can track:

1. Your total commissions

2. Total Swaps conducted by your referrals

3. Your total referrals

Start earning 50% of your friend’s Klever Swap fees by sharing your referral link. You can track your commissions and referral stats inside the Klever App.

The Referral Program is an exciting new feature as it gives all users an opportunity to earn and adds another major use case for the KLV token, since a majority of all Swap fees are paid in KLV and all other Swap fees are directly converted to KLV and paid out to users through the Referral Program. 

Create content — Earn through Referrals

To spread the word of Klever’s new referral program we call on all of you to create content and sharing your experience of Klever by posting videos, tweets, reviews, tutorials, articles or more by using all social media platforms!

Klever’s Director of Communications and Marketing, Misha Lederman, gives a tutorial of the Referral Program and encourages all Klever users to create content about Klever.io by sharing their referral code to their friends and on social media.

Invite your friends, family members, colleagues, viewers on your youtube channel, visitors on your website, via telegram, or on twitter and social media by posting content and making sure they use your referral link.

Start educating others on the benefit of Klever App for all their crypto needs — whether it is the decentralized and non-custodial nature of Klever, its encrypted security on Klever OS, Klever Swaps to over 300 trading pairs, Web 3.0 Klever browser, payment channels with our partners, fiat-on-ramps, KLV Staking or anything else you love about Klever — Let your creativity go wild and grow your referral commissions and earn more each day!

Klever’s Referral Program is already available in our latest update and you can download it right now in Google Play, App Store, or simply at Klever.io.


Klever Team

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