What are the steps that the KleverChain can take to ensure tight security?

Having its own chain is very important for any Blockchain to be successful, KleverChain is such a project to reckon with.

There are many blockchains built on top of existing chains such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polkadot, Kusama, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, etc. KleverChain is different, independent and powerful.

Building an independent chain is not a cup of tea, but a very daunting task. The development of it and its many features, including security and nodes, is a great achievement today.

KleverChain is a blockchain that enables developers to build decentralized applications like never before. It also has KleverChain Apps (kapps), an onchain application developed by the Klever Foundation.

The chain is different from other platforms, as it provides prebuilt and ready-to-use apps and functionalities that are native to the blockchain, instead of being a smart contracts platform.

These ready-built features are made available to all the developers to implement through Klever OS Software Development Kit (SDK) their own interface solution.

This groundbreaking approach will significantly enhance DAapp functionalities and guarantee a smoother on boarding to the KleverChain’s native infrastructure, making it magnitudes more secure, simpler to build and cheaper to deploy.

Blockchain networks are often complex and difficult to deploy apps on, but it should not be. That is why KleverChain is removing the high threshold for developers and making it so much simpler to deploy wanted features. 

KleverChain utilizes a secure network model that has a high performance, cost efficiency and a properly evolving governance structure. This approach enables the most powerful of decentralized platforms to build an unlimited number of blockchain applications on top of a secure peer-to-peer network.

KleverChain runs a control layer on top of an open governance framework in order to ensure professionalism and competence among the network’s validators.

This is an essential feature in our mission to protect users against scams and frauds.

Consensus mechanism

KleverChain is based on the PoS (Proof-of-Stake) consensus mechanism. To become a validator, entities, companies or individuals must provide proof of holding a certain minimum amount of Klever Coin (KLV) in order to be promoted as validator, and be able to operate a Masternode.

A masternode is essentially a full node on the network that receives incentives and rewards to operate and perform actions on the blockchain. The system of utilizing Masternodes provides a highly reliable network and professional services by experienced node operators to the blockchain’s users.

Masternode holding

A Masternode candidate on Klever Finance Blockchain must hold a minimum of 10 million KLV in staking threshold to be activated as Masternode on Mainnet. 

Masternodes earn block confirmation rewards when transactions are confirmed by its blockchain node.

The block reward flowback is set initially to 50% of fees paid by users. The additional 50% of fees will be burned to control inflation and maintain healthy network operability.

As Masternode status is obtained by KLV staking, a Masternode owner also participates into the KLV staking pool. Masternode rewards can be changed by community vote and proposal acceptance.


With over 3 million users already with Klever platform, it practices microservices to obtain high scalability without sacrificing efficiency.

Built on small efficient actors (microservices), each responsible for its own tasks and integrated with each other, this will allow anyone willing to run its own instance of KleverChain to do so in a fast, scalable fashion with a one-click solution.

With a target of 2,000 Transactions per second (TPS), KleverChain modular structure allows to increase this throughput for more users and growing demand for transactions.

Built-in KApps

This approach allows creating applications and functionalities requested by the community of users that are secure by nature since they are embedded into the blockchain, developed and deployed by the Klever Foundation.

To negate the risk of bad actors attempting to use the KleverChain to scam people, it is implementing market first - on-chain applications that live inside the KleverChain that can be enabled and disabled by community vote.

With all these features, KleverChain is the best platform for developers and companies that want to use the most modern and secure products on the market that is undergoing extensive growth and development.

Jagdish Kumar
Klever Writer

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