Klever Wallet Adds New Stellar (XLM) Swap Pairs

To support our community we have introduced 11 new XLM swap pairs.

Available Swap pairs: 


  • XLM/USDT (TRC20)

  • XLM/USDT (ERC20)





  • XLM/BUSD (BEP20)


  • XLM/BNB (BEP2)

  • XLM/BNB (BEP20)

What is Stella (XLM)?

Stellar is an open network that enables money to be moved and stored. Originally, it was intended to help the unbanked by reaching out to them - but a few months later, its focus shifted to helping financial firms connect through blockchain technology.

Lumens, the network's native token, act as a bridge that reduces the cost of trading assets across borders. All of this aims to compete with existing payment providers who often charge high fees for similar services.

Stellar was originally based on the Ripple Labs protocol, so all of this should sound familiar. In the case of blockchains, the code had to be rewritten after a hard fork.

Many people have a problem with fees. Although high transaction fees aren't unique to fiat-based payment solutions like PayPal - transaction fees can also skyrocket on the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains because of congestion.

Stellar transactions cost just 0.00001 XLM. There are not many blockchain projects that have been able to secure the support of huge technology companies. Stellar and IBM teamed up a few years ago to launch World Wire, a project that allowed large financial institutions to submit transactions to the Stellar network and transact using bridge assets such as stablecoins.

Unlike other blockchains, Stellar does not have a community fund, meaning users can vote on whether or not to provide grants to projects that help development of the ecosystem.

Klever Swap

Klever Swap is a core service of the Klever app that makes it simpler, faster and more convenient for our users to exchange cryptocurrencies at the click of a button. By monitoring live price action on top-tier exchanges, our native Swap engine creates a price index that is used by the Swap.

The swap itself is conducted by fully autonomous bots, built and maintained in-house by Klever’s developers team. These bots continuously seek the best exchange rate and prices among the top exchanges, and then execute the Swap with high precision, security and speed. The Klever Swap project is part of Klever Exchange.

By Warren Manuel
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