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Financial education to a new generation using technological innovation is not something we can entrust to the school system of the past to provide for ourselves and our children.

Actually, have schools ever been part of your financial education?

Do you remember in school how interesting it was learning about starting a business, paying your taxes, investing in the stock market, or balancing a budget? Can’t recall?

Neither do I, because these topics were off-topic and nonexistent for most. Not only did the public education system of the past forget to put emphasis on financial education, but in fact kept these insights from you, keeping billions uninformed and financially illiterate.

The doors to financial education have long been locked, with a privileged few being granted access. How can these doors be unlocked today?

Well, thanks to Bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain, the keys to unlock these doors are now in your hands. Cryptocurrencies allow everyone, independent of origin, social status, gender, nationality, or education, to participate in not only the revolution of finance, but the evolution of a new financial system based on transparency, decentralization, immutability, and trustless networks. Anyone and everyone can become an educator to our children, families, friends, and communities, simply by making sure to read and dive deep, listen and speak, learn and teach.

Klever is dedicated to democratizing financial education, making it simpler to understand, more accessible to all segments of society, and more powerful than ever before in its tools of financial freedom.

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