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In a moment of growing global awareness of technological security issues, Klever is developing a solution for the crypto world

Vulnerability in all forms is a deterrent to the goal and aspirations of any project, organization or government as a whole. This challenge without a doubt creates uncertainty and fear among its intended users or people associated with such a project. There are so many projects which have been destroyed mainly by the level of insecurity that was associated with the project and team members due to hacking and vulnerable bugs within the systems that were developed.

What is security?

According to Wikipedia, Security is freedom from, or resilience against, potential harm caused by others. Such that beneficiaries of such security may be persons of a social group, objects and institutions, ecosystems or any other entity or phenomenon vulnerable to unwanted change. These vulnerabilities can tarnish the image and reputation of the potential beneficiaries of such an attack and cause them a massive financial loss as a result of the attack.

Some companies have also suffered similar breaches which have caused them to lose billions of dollars as a result of the attack in the form of viruses and trojans deployed to the IT infrastructures. 

The same is applicable to the crypto space as several projects, exchanges and individuals have been susceptible to attacks from dangerous cyber attacks and hackers since the inception of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency era. Projects have been liquidated financially as a result of hackers draining their funds due to lack of security around the software that was developed. Some other projects are simply Ponzi schemes designed to fail eventually and steal the funds of members who join without proper education of how the project works.

The same challenges have also plagued centralized exchanges who are custodians of users wallets and funds. The fact of users deposit their funds and hold them in exchanges for as long as they are trading on the exchanges is very risky and as we always say in the crypto space “Not your keys, not your funds”.

The Klever team is indeed aware of these threats and has brought in years of experience to the development of the Klever ecosystem. While we started with the Klever wallet around the Q3 of 2020, we have been building and researching heavily around security threats and vulnerabilities in the ecosystem. Klever wallet was consequently developed as the world's best decentralized p2p wallet with military-grade encryption.

The Klever team has never rested on its achievements, hence we are taking the game to a whole new level by developing the hardware wallet of the future, Klever Hardware Wallet. This has been in our development program right from the inception of our road map as the team members of the Klever labs have taken it upon themselves to ensure the safety and security of users' funds, especially making them the chief security officer of their wallets. 

What is a Hardware Wallet?

A Hardware Wallet, also called “Cold Wallet,” is a device used for increasing the security of crypto transactions on the user side. It’s usually a small, portable and easy-to-carry piece of hardware, in most cases similar to a flash drive that would fit in a palm of a hand.

With this gadget, everyone can authenticate and confirm transactions without having to resort to their private key or any other sensitive code, as the process is solely managed by the device. The keys, passwords, pin numbers and mnemonics, typical security strategies of the digital world, may be only required during the device initial setup.

Klever Hardware Wallet: what is in it for you?

Hardware wallets are increasingly popular as security flaws have been on the radar of many blockchain-related companies. Those appliances are isolated from the internet, which means all cryptographic algorithms are performed inside the gadget, with no need to expose the user keys on the web.

There are currently a few of them in the market, but the Klever team has been truly focused on developing a cutting-edge apparatus. We’re building the ironclad, innovative, ultimate hardware wallet, where high speed and full app integration are some of its main advantages.

While some hardware wallets in the market, including the most popular ones, take more than 10 seconds to process transactions and perform operations, Klever’s Hardware Wallet is aiming to provide a trailblazing less-than-1-second duration for most operations in the blockchain. People will be able to profit from their usual transactions now in a more rapid and secure manner.

Being fully integrated with the Klever mobile app,  our cold wallet will distinguish itself even more from most of the famous ones. Whereas those wallets usually include a very simplistic display which users need to operate to proceed with their transactions, the Klever Hardware Wallet will provide a friendly interface through our own mobile app, with the visuals our users are already used to.

Our CEO Dio Ianakiara has released a short footage of what our Klever Hardware Wallet is about to become, check it here.

We are indeed a wheel in motion and would continue to innovate and create the best solutions for the betterment of the world at large and all our users in particular. It is only pertinent for people to switch from keeping their funds in a centralized trading platform to a high-grade, secured wallet system like the Klever Hardware Wallet.

It is a Klever thing to do

By James Enajite
Klever Writer

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