Klever Hardware Wallet pre-sale happening in December 2021

The expectations around the Klever Hardware Wallet have hit its crescendo as loyal members of the community have been calling for its release.

The expectations around the Klever Hardware Wallet have hit its crescendo as loyal members of the community have been calling for its release. In the quest for quality, efficiency and safety of user funds, the Klever development team has pushed even harder to ensure the security of its hardware wallet.

This wait will soon be over, as our flagship Klever Hardware Wallet pre-sale is scheduled for December 2021. 

Klever Hardware Wallet, what's it like?

These have been the questions on the mouths and hearts of faithful Klever users as they patiently await the launch of the Klever Hardware Wallet. The wallet designers, developers, and the entire management team have been reviewing the prototype for over 3 months to ensure it meets the users' expectations and meets the aesthetics and functionality they were hoping for.

Here is a glimpse of what to expect from the new Klever Hardware Wallet. 

  1. USB Type-C connector: The Klever Hardware Wallet uses a secure USB Type-C connector which connects to your Klever Wallet app and allows you to comfortably make crypto transactions with a click of a confirmation button.

  1. Bluetooth connectivity: If you select the option, it becomes possible to securely pair the Klever Hardware Wallet using Bluetooth 5.2 with your Klever Wallet app.

  1. Klever App user interface: One of the most intriguing features of the Klever Hardware Wallet is that it is only accessible via the synced Klever Wallet app, putting security at the center of any crypto transaction. By doing so, the Klever Wallet app is required to be connected to the hardware wallet and vice versa. 

    In this way, the Klever Hardware Wallet would only be accessible through the Klever Wallet app for a more friendly user interface and for maximum security of the wallet and user funds.

  2. Confirmation of Transactions: This has been a critical issue for most crypto users who have been plagued by theft because they have not been able to create a secure means of validating their transactions. With Klever, you can rest easy knowing you're going to get a hardware wallet that's safe for use without worries of possible theft of funds. Klever Hardware Wallets come with confirmation buttons that will be used as security measures and for the protection of the user's funds while transacting.

  3. Inbuilt Integrated Circuit: The Klever Hardware Wallet is embedded with a high-grade integrated circuit (IC), CC EAL5+ certified, which holds a unique private key to perform cryptographic operations and a digital certificate to ensure device authenticity. Klever Hardware Wallet is really a secure device, like a real vault! Your crypto assets are kept in a safe device and transactions are performed in a certified environment.

  1. Zero electricity charging: The Hardware Wallet works without batteries, as it is powered through the USB connector. If you use the wired connection, the hardware wallet will be powered by your mobile device. In addition, it can also be powered by portable power banks and USB wall plugs. 

The Klever team is one which keeps improving on all sides, getting the best minds to achieve that common goal of making life better, especially in a simple and Klever way.

This December 2021, Klever Hardware Wallet will go on presale.

All crypto lovers will be looking forward to this festive shopping season, ensuring their crypto currencies are secure in a Klever way.

It is indeed a Klever thing to do.  

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