Klever Exchange Trading Engine

As the cryptocurrency market is hovering around $2 trillion, it is high time for new users to enter the market with a platform that understands users interest and makes crypto simple.

With various crypto exchanges in the market today, users have to be certain which exchange to choose for the trading of cryptocurrencies.

While selecting a crypto exchange, users need to check out a few important things such as security, simple user interface for seamless buying & selling cryptocurrencies, easy accessibility and very importantly, low fees for trading crypto.

Klever offers you an incredibly low fee model which allows users to trade very small amounts and attracts makers to provide liquidity to our exchange.

24X7 support team

Apart from offering a low fees model, Klever also offers 24X7 support to users by its support team that attends users' requests on a real-time basis, making sure that all questions and potential issues that our users are facing are met in a professional and timely manner. 

Like all the products launched by Klever, it wants to make crypto easier and more accessible to the user that has never heard about crypto, but at the same time also serve the traders that are considered advanced users

Klever has built an exchange that will maximize the potential for crypto trading across the globe for anyone with a connection to the internet, everyone deserves to have the same chances to succeed as the crypto whales do today.

Within a year after its launch, Klever.io has grown rapidly and now serves more than 150,000 daily active users, well over half a million monthly active users and record 3 million downloads worldwide, providing users with a seamless experience of self-banking and self-custody.

Many of the Klever users have for a long time been requesting a secure, simple and versatile crypto exchange that they can trust and feel at home with. It’s with their feedback and years of research that Klever Exchange will now be available to desktop users

Previously, Klever was only available in the form of mobile applications to users on Android and iStore. 

Klever Exchange key features

  • It provides ironclad and advanced security measures that protect Klever traders against any malicious external attacks. 

  • Focused user experience-centric approach to make the trading experience as enjoyable, elegant, intuitive, profitable and fast as technologically possible.

  • Unmatched speed and reliability through the innovative use of autonomous order books that function independently, ensuring 3 million transactions per second. Per order book.

  • Regulatory compliance in any and all legal jurisdictions that Klever Exchange will be operational as a top priority.

The Klever global team, now consisting of more than 100 developers, engineers and staff, has been and continues to be guided by these principles when constructing the building blocks for the Klever Exchange.

Klever Exchange will later this year adopt its own Klever Blockchain and the apps are expected to be running natively on the Klever Blockchain for increased efficiency and optimized performance. 

This future integration will make the exchange be closely intertwined with the Klever ecosystem as a whole while being able to utilize the speed, native Klever apps and wide array of future stablecoins and KLV tokens that will be running on Klever Blockchain.

With all these qualities, Klever is a company that will soon surpass all the other exchanges in cryptocurrencies trading.

Move towards crypto Kleverly!

Jagdish Kumar
Klever Writer