Why the Klever Blockchain is worth the wait

With KleverChain, a new era of low-cost and speedy transactions begins

Taking the time to understand the concept behind the creation of a product or service simplifies the process and ensures that the expected product or service meets its intended goal.

There is a large number of blockchain developers and projects in the crypto ecosystem that have not taken the time to understand the basis for the development of the product they intend to work on. In the entire crypto space, there are many failed and undervalued projects.

Many of these projects were scam projects intended to rip off unsuspecting new entrants, which has left a sour taste in their mouths. Then there are those who try to create projects that are too complex for developers to grasp and eventually abandon them along the way, causing them to die a natural death and leaving such community members stranded.

Klever Blockchain, a new state-of-the-art asset for the crypto world

In contrast, the Klever blockchain, commonly known as KleverChain, underwent a rigorous process of refinement and processing within our own Klever labs to develop one of the best blockchains in the crypto space that would stand the test of time. Klever labs' exceptional products and services led to the creation of the Klever wallet, which became a global favorite amongst users from all over the world. 

This encouraged people from all over the world to get into crypto space for the very first time in their lives. It is also on record that the introduction of the Klever wallet put the power of blockchain technology in the hands of its new users.

In the original roadmap of the Klever whitepaper, the development of the Klever blockchain was described. This saw continuous refining of the codes of the blockchain taking place at the Klever labs only to ensure its perfect testnet implementation.

As a wise man once said “ordinary things are made on time but excellent things take time”. There are so many lapses and inefficiencies associated with most blockchains which eventually limits the capabilities of how the blockchains are expected to perform. Hence the challenges associated with Ethereum blockchain which has led to high cost of gas transaction fees and other related blockchains.

KleverChain: low cost, fast pace

In order to ensure that transaction fees remain as low as possible, Klever blockchain developers have taken some time to refine the development codes and ensure that the costs of transactions within the blockchain remain as low as possible. In addition, the creation of block heights for confirmation of transactions is expected to be among the fastest in the space, resulting in faster confirmations for transactions.

The future is a world of endless opportunities and technology allows us to build fantastic paths, unimaginable in the past. We can "break barriers" and build on the new norm with this innovative pace. This implementation of the KleverChain will be relevant as it will be connected to the needs and desires of our community of users which will eventually strengthen each link for the common good. 

We at Klever believe that some technologies that are under development will enable major evolutions in our relationships and we will dedicate ourselves to honing these products in the coming years in order to redefine the blockchain space as a whole in a perspective that would create massive collaboration on the part of developers and users alike.

We are aware of the fact that the competition in this space is fierce, but our emphasis will not lie with other crypto projects; instead, we are confident that our ethics, experience, roadmap, partnership network, technical prowess, superior marketing, innovative products and most importantly our team make us uniquely positioned to collaborate well within the crypto market and deploy the best blockchain in the entire crypto ecosystem.

This is indeed a genuine reason for the wait for our blockchain and trusting that it would indeed be worthy of the wait.

After all, it is a Klever thing to do.

James Enajite

Klever Writer

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