Kenya sits in 4th place in global cryptocurrencies’ interest, says report

The African country only stays behind Ukraine, Russia and the United States in the last 12 months’ rates

A study made by Broker Chooser and reported by Citizen newspaper stated that Kenya sits in 4th place in global cryptocurrencies’ interest, only behind Ukraine, Russia and the United States in the last 12 months. The number of searches hit 99,810, an equivalent of 18 searches per 10,000 people during this period.

According to the study, Kenya’s awareness score is tabulated at 5.5 points out of a possible 10, and the number of crypto owners in the African country is estimated at 4.6 million (4,580,760).

Study’s results also show that the interest per capita in East Africa is greater than in west and southern countries like Nigeria or South Africa. 

That’s why those results are really relevant: statistics have shown that Africa had grown its user acceptability of crypto currencies in the year 2021 to over 1200% with Nigeria taking the lead at June 2021, with 32% crypto acceptance rate. 

The report also reinforces that “trading in crypto is ‘not-illegal’ in Kenya'” but it lacks government support, including the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) which still has reservations on the unregulated market.

Solutions for the African continent

The report made by CitizenTV stated that “the decentralized nature of the assets allows cryptos to exist outside government control or any other central authority”. 

It indicates that the government's bureaucracy and strict policies play a great part in crypto adoption throughout African countries - and Kenya is no exception, furthermore, is now a reference.

As a consequence, major key blockchain projects benefit from that market gap. As we talked before here in Klever News, the level of engagement of those projects finding their way into the African market has proven to be a strategic influence in their market shares as the projects are seen to be providing real life solutions to the problems plaguing the African continent.  

Klever in Africa 

Klever focuses on Africa’s unification in the crypto adoption process. Regardless of west and east countries, the company believes in putting freedom in the hands of the unbanked and least educated to have their own financial freedom by simply downloading the Klever wallet on their mobile devices.  

In the words of James Enajite, Klever writer and columnist in African cryptocurrencies’ adoption, our company also has a great mission of education, since it has observed the growth in our African community.

We’ve been “churning out educational content on our various social media platforms and our Klever news channels in order to communicate our desire and passion to liberate people by education and engagement”. 

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