How to find trusted crypto communities and avoid fud

Crypto communities are the best place to hang around if you wish to enter the crypto market or want to know the latest development.

Today 1000s of crypto projects are live and these projects also have thousands of communities too. They are the real force behind any crypto projects that gain transactions. 

Many users want to know the latest development of the projects and even the crypto project managers want their communities to be aware of the changes happening on their projects.

A crypto project, nowadays, without active communities is not a good project, as the active members of the community are the ones that really drive it and bring in more members to the group.

Telegram and Twitter are the most popular social media platforms for crypto project managers for targeting new members and building their communities.

Anyone based in any part of the world can become a member of a crypto project just by signing in to its social media platforms.

Social media platforms 

This is the first place where crypto projects managers communicate with their users and holders. Any new announcements are always done on these platforms. On Twitter, there is no limitation on the members number, but there are limitations on the Telegram platform. However, Telegram is the most used application by crypto users. Users on Telegram seem to be more interested in the project than what we see on Twitter.

There are, in fact, other platforms like Reddit, TikTok, Instagram that too appeal to the users, but it depends on the crypto owners that is their target audience.

Fake accounts

One should always be careful, though.

Many times, users are not aware that they have joined a fake crypto project account, which is not operated by the crypto project managers. On Twitter, an account which has a blue tick is an official/genuine account, but there are only a handful of blue tick crypto accounts.

On Telegram too, we see a lot of fake accounts, which the users need to find out and be wary of. 

Here are some of the features that can help you to find out whether the community is genuine.

  • Always check for pinned messages on the Telegram group.

  • The official community will have a list of admins who are responsible for interacting with all members.

  • There will be a caution message for scammers in the community group.

  • Never share any wallet ID or any crypto address on the community group.

  • Never share your bank account details, reference numbers/transaction numbers, hash, etc.

  • The group admin will never send a direct message (DM) asking for a rectification process, verification transfers & deposits, approval deposits, etc.

  • Always check the admin usernames, sometimes imposters can create a telegram account with the same profile image and resembling usernames to scam you.

  • Never share your private key or password with any community group.

  • An active crypto project will always have an active group.

  • Always check community details before you join any crypto community.

  • Many times you will get a DM from another member, never respond to it, unless you are sure with whom you are interacting.

  • Official community groups will always have new development messages pinned to the group, always checking the messages that are properly marked and updated.

  • Don't discuss anything other than the project you have joined.


Always 'Do Your Own Research' (DYOR) before joining any crypto project social media platforms and interacting with the groups.

Remember, there are people who want to make use of your information to earn money, so always be aware of people who try to be friendly with you by sending DMs and telling you about other crypto projects.

Kleverly choose your crypto communities!

Jagdish Kumar

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Disclaimer: This article is opinion-based. The information provided is based on individual experience and not scientific research.

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