Exchange, Wallets and their benefits

Exchanges, wallets, cryptocurrencies: blockchain concepts that have been updated by the Klever ingenious team

Change is indeed a constant phenomenon that requires determined, diligent, and passionate individuals to bring it to fruition.

The world as we know it is in a state of constant and accelerated change such that the ability to have borderless commerce and communication through the internet has already caused an immeasurable change in the way individuals handle their lives, finance, and security.

As this digital trend deepens, everyone regardless of origin or social status will be given the empowering opportunity to participate in decentralized digital economies powered by blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Decentralized economies powered by cryptocurrencies enable people and businesses to conduct trustless, anonymous, and secure transactions across national borders. New opportunities for retail, entertainment, finance, and essentially anything else that a person might want to spend fiat currency on, are already available in this digital economy today.

There are different kinds of wallets created to suit the cryptocurrency demands of users globally ranging from the paper wallet to the hardware wallets, and from centralized wallets to decentralized wallets. All these wallets share a common factor of storing cryptocurrencies and not all can ensure the security of the funds of its user like the Klever wallet.

The wallet involves an integration of several features which include the swap functions and stake functions which can help liberate the finances of the users in a very secure way. 

The innovative Klever approach

On the Klever App we constantly explore what new kinds of services and products we should bring to the wallet in order to meet the desires and increasing demands of our growing global user base. This way, the demanded products and services will be offered in several categories, bringing friendly crypto solutions to our users.

On the part of exchanges, the Klever team has taken into consideration the plight of users about how major exchanges make it impossible for small traders with low capital to be involved in trading activities due to excessive trading fees and a limit of the amount that can be traded at any instant.

Subsequently, traders on the new Klever exchange can have access to trading at very low transaction fees, and also the amount that can be traded within the exchange is very low to accommodate all levels of traders.

This would encourage traders to trade no matter their financial capacity without having worries about the limit to which they are enabled to trade. Also, the Klever exchange is highly secured using the same ironclad technology used on the Klever wallet.

Klever Spot Exchange was designed for both beginners and advanced traders. Using the latest gRPC technology, we have built one of the most advanced cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, which is capable of providing superior security and intuitive user experience, and able to support 3M+ transactions per second.

There is so much coming out of the stables of the Klever Development team as we move gradually into a decentralized global economy.

It would of course be beneficial to all and sundry who take the opportunity to start trading on the Klever exchange and have their funds stored on the Klever wallet. It is indeed a no-brainer and a Klever thing to do.

By James Enajite,

Klever Writer 

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