What is the difference between a Hot and Cold Wallet?

A crypto wallet is the only place where you can store any cryptocurrencies. Without a crypto wallet, you cannot own cryptocurrency.

Any crypto user who wishes to enter the crypto space needs to have a wallet where he/she can safely store cryptocurrencies. To store any cryptocurrency, you need a wallet that is popularly known as a crypto wallet.

There are two types of crypto wallets, namely hot wallets and cold wallets.

Hot wallets 

Hot wallets are basically applications connected to the internet which store private keys in an online environment. Hot wallets are further classified as web-based wallets, mobile wallets, and desktop wallets. Among them, web wallets might be the least secure and crypto hot wallets with deficient care for security measures are usually vulnerable to online attacks. 

Hot wallets which are always connected to the internet can accept crypto coins around the clock. It is used by cryptocurrency traders or individuals who want to make quick online payments with cryptocurrencies. 

All the crypto exchanges have hot wallets where users save their crypto for trading purposes that are managed centrally, whereas there are other decentralized online hot wallets like MetaMask, Trust Wallets to name a few.

A benefit to hot wallets is ease-of-use. Because they are always online, there’s no need to transition between offline and online to make a cryptocurrency transaction. For any crypto holder who wants to trade daily and wants to track its portfolio, the hot wallet is the best option. 

You can say that hot wallets are for daily crypto traders and short-term crypto traders/investors. The wallets are free to use and you can make as many wallets as you like on all the platforms offering crypto wallet services. 

Cold Wallets

Users using cold crypto wallets store private keys in an offline environment. Transactions begin online and then shift to the offline environment for private key signing by the cold wallet. The completed information is then sent back to the online network.

Cold wallets are used by users who want to store their cryptocurrencies with the highest levels of security. There are two types of cold wallets : paper wallets and hardware wallets.

Klever is also coming up with its own hardware wallet that is expected to be launched by the end of this year.

In cold wallets private keys are never exposed online, thereby improving the security of all your crypto assets stored in the wallet.

Stealing from a cold wallet would require physical possession of or access to the cold wallet, as well as any associated PINs or passwords that must be used to access the funds. They are also designed to be immune to hacking.

Users who are long-term investors and who don't want to track crypto pricing daily as well as who want complete security of their crypto assets usually opt for cold wallets. 

It is usually an expensive affair to own one hardware wallet. Though there are some free paper wallets available, it covers only a few hundred tokens out of 11,000 tokens in the market today. Klever wants to fix these current issues, by providing an easy-to-carry and affordable hardware wallet.

One has to find its own way to use the crypto wallets depending on their needs. Many new crypto users would like to opt for hot wallets as they are still new in the market and would not be investing great sums in buying crypto. It is a Klever idea to understand the need for storing crypto and move ahead.

A hardware wallet is a Klever way of holding crypto with a long-term outlook.

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