Ways to use Crypto in your everyday life

Different types of cryptocurrencies are now solving various problems in people’s daily routines.

An individual who has financial empowerment sees life with a sense of ability and independence, which gives them a certain amount of freedom. 

The global financial crisis in 2008 affected most people economically and it also brought a level of hardship as most of the world population drifted into different levels of poverty. 

The fiat system saw a decline in value and this affected the economic power to achieve the independence desired by all. The cost of living rose to astonishing heights and means to purchase items dwindled to an all time low.

However, the emergence of crypto currencies in 2009 saw a new form of money, which is dependent on cryptographic computation and can not be manipulated by anyone and neither can it be multiplied in the way fiat is being printed indiscriminately. 

Subsequently, different  types of cryptocurrencies were developed to solve various problems and this has seen the rise and interest for more blockchain technology and digital coins being developed in the global space.

Advantages in cryptocurrency

Some of the advantages surrounding the use of cryptocurrencies is enormous as this would be enumerated and explained below.

  1. Freedom to be your own bank: 

With the influx of big corporate institutions gradually accepting cryptocurrencies as means of payment, it would give so much freedom to crypto owners as they would be able to use the digital coins to pay for purchases and services, rendered to them in a faster way than having your fiat transactions confirmed.

  1. Global transactions:

We are presently living in a global community where trade and commerce is virtually executed from the comfort of our homes. As such, people can actually execute transactions worldwide by the use of their mobile phones with very low remittances fees.

  1. Speed of Transactions: 

Due to the trade barriers associated with fiat currencies globally, transactions become hindered as the various settlement companies associated with financial institutions may tend to delay their confirmation, which eventually obstructs the required speed of transactions for settlement. 

The use of crypto currencies for transactions of such magnitude can be executed within seconds as the block confirmation speed timing has made it possible for such transactions to be executed faster.

Crypto in your daily life:

However, anyone who owns cryptocurrencies can use them in the everyday life activities as follows:

Paying bills: This is becoming a common trend in small businesses as most restaurants and hotels are becoming crypto-friendly, as they now accept the settlement of bills in cryptocurrencies. It has been proven that small businesses can get their customers to make payments by simply using a QR code scanned and facilitating such payments seamlessly.

e-Commerce transactions: The global online platforms where e-commerce is taking a major share is now becoming crypto-friendly and individuals can now make transactions settlement in cryptocurrencies thereby saving them time and money to get confirmations of payments made.

Crypto as store of value: This makes cryptocurrencies gain some value as most people now hedge their fiat against cryptos to save their funds and speculatively have rewards for their investments. This has been proven perfectly by Michael Saylor’s Microstrategy firm who had been buying cryptocurrencies as a form of investment.

In Klever, we have made life even easier by introducing the Klever wallet, which serves as a unique place to store your cryptocurrencies, make daily transactions as a means of payment solution, receive funds in crypto and also trade the cryptocurrencies into other forms of money including fiat. 

What is expected for new users is ensuring they go ahead and download the Klever wallet, store their funds and start using their crypto for daily transactions.

It is a Klever thing to do.

James Enajite
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