Mass adoption is possible in Africa using Klever

Almost every decade there are new projects and developments and being a proponent of such paradigms puts you on a pedestal with the early birds of that paradigm.

Various revolutions have taken place in the past such as the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution, the internet revolution, and more recently the blockchain revolution.

Each of these revolutions had seen a massive adoption from the part of individuals globally after some period of early deployment and education of the masses to bring to the awareness of people generally.

Though people might have a tendency to resist a new development but when such development is bound to change the world, then there is no stopping such moves. This is also applicable in all facets of life as a wise man once said, “ Do not oppose a moving train”. 

Blockchain technology is indeed a moving train and it is imminent that everyone gets on board the revolution associated with the various developments in blockchain technology. At the initial stage of development in blockchain technology, people tend to care about the technology without considering the use cases and how they can benefit the human population. This has been the case until recent years where blockchain communities tend to request the benefits of how these projects can actually benefit the people. 

However, this has also proven that it is indeed the people that can help promote and in the long run create the required mass adoption the various projects require to get around the globe. A typical example is the adoption and awareness bitcoin has globally. It now serves as a national currency for the country of El-Salvador and receiving more attention from countries like Ukraine and Kenya.

According to Eric Voohees, mass adoption needs to be specified according to the specific use case. Mass adoption as a store of value is different from mass adoption as a payment method, or mass adoption of smart contracts. While we aren’t at mass adoption of any of these categories yet, we are certainly past the point of “mass awareness” in at least a couple. Knowing that it is indeed a gradual process and the transformation would eventually come when the time is right.

In Africa, the same is said to be possible as there is indeed a massive awareness campaign held to keep the people informed about the developments ongoing in the blockchain and crypto currency space. This has come in the form of tech meetups, conventions and hackathons. This became an opportunity for people to gather from the various parts of Africa and the world to talk about the progress in blockchain technology and crypto currencies. 

Due to the economic and financial crisis associated with the fiat system of the various countries in Africa as a result of bad policies by the Governments of the day, the people are now becoming financially  literate in the handling of the finances and how they intend to hold such funds.

We at Klever, are keen to help promote the ideals around financial literacy and security by ensuring that the people are more educated especially using our various social media platforms for the dissemination of contents which eventually serves as pointers for mass literacy and education especially to low income countries in the world.  

Mass education simply starts with the download of the Klever wallet and Klever Exchange on the mobile phone and ensuring that the private keys are properly kept in a secured manner to prevent a possibility of their funds  being stolen. Then everyone is expected to interact with our news channel on the platforms to get more educational content on the go.

These can bring mass awareness and eventually mass adoption to crypto space. 

It is a Klever thing to do.

By James Enajite
Klever Writer
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