Creators Program: Klever Comics by Sam The Carpet Man®

Today's Klever Creators Program features the inspiring illustrations and Klever comics by prominent community member Sam The Carpet Man®. Hope you'll enjoy and share Sam's creations!


Illustration Name: Kleverman - Sam The Carpet Man® becomes Kleverman

Illustration Name: The Klever Stake House - The best stake around. 

Illustration Name: Pirates Coin - Even Blackbeard Hodl’d his coins.

Illustration Name: Sports Car - Rev up your freedom with Klever.

Illustration Name: Klever Dog - Stay out of the dog house, invest in Klever. 

Illustration Name: Alien Dude - Be protected by klever earthlings. 

llustration Name: Not Your Keys, Not Your Coin - Retaining full control of your keys.

Created and submitted by Sam The Carpet Man® 

Sam The Carpet Man® is the founder and CEO of A true entrepreneur and consummate professional. An American philanthropist who is also gifted in oil painting and Cartooning. 

Twitter: @SamTheCarpetMan

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