Creators Program: “Introduction to Klever - Brief Overview of the Klever Project” by WKH HD

WKH HD, a youtuber with over 55,000 subscribers, dives deep into the Klever Wallet and Klever Ecosystem to provide a brief overview of, specifically aimed for newcomers to crypto.

In this video, we will be taking a look at what the whole Klever ecosystem is all about, and a brief introduction to what Klever intends to build. The video is specifically intended for newcomers to the cryptocurrency space and also to people who would like to get a gist of what is all about.

Video & text by WKH HD

WKH HD is a Sabahan gaming youtuber with over 55,000 subscribers on youtube. Been in cryptocurrency since 2017; believes in cryptocurrency and blockchain becoming mainstream and of great importance towards real world applications.

Twitter: @WkhHd

YouTube Channel: @WKH HD

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