This is a centralized world: and it will become nothing without decentralization

The major Facebook crash brought some reflection on why decentralized systems are not the rule rather than an exception

October 4, 2021. 

The world is in hysteria. 

People are desperate and some even begin to have small panic attacks. Fingers sweat as some of them refresh the pages and wait for a response. 

Check the Internet connection. Nothing. Check it again: nothing. 

Ask the neighbor for the wi-fi password. He gives it and some people try to use this connection in an attempt to talk to their boss or their families. 

Nothing works. What are we supposed to do? 

Well. Apparently it does not work for everyone in the building. 

Check on news portals online: it is worldwide. 

Messages are not sent. People lose contact with important information for hours. Even contracts that needed to be closed through one platform are now lost. 

Some start questioning ‘is it the end of the world?’ or ‘If something really powerful like this is not working, something really big is coming for us!’ or even ‘The aliens started to shut down our communications and now we are finished!’. 

Actually none of those assumptions were correct and neither is this story (actually, we can say that this is based on true events, because I heard of some people reacting just like this). 

It’s not fiction - even though I believe M. Night Shyamalan is losing something by not hiring me. 

It’s true. And it happened this October 4 when Facebook and its “arms” - Instagram and Whatsapp - went out for about seven hours. 

This is not the first time something similar happens, but surely it is the first time that it happens simultaneously with so many places in the world. 

Like previously mentioned in my beautiful description, people speculated on numerous possibilities of why this happened. But it does not matter how fanciful they were. 

The truth pointed out by many specialists is a little more boring - and actually baffling. 

In a few words, Facebook’s DNS stopped working. DNS, for those who don’t know yet, is short for Domain Name System - a system responsible for “translating” the name of your domain ( to the IP address of the website you want to access. 

Apparently, this system is connected to a server. And - yes, you are getting it - the server went down and everything crashed. 

I’ll let you get to the same conclusion I did in 3, 2, 1… 

Yes. It is a centralized system which once it goes down, nothing else can help the downfall. 

So, that’s why, ladies and gentlemen, we need decentralization urgently. 

Decentralize now! 

The centralization system works in a way that one server has the heavy duty to make everything work in that matter. 

Just so you can get the full picture, some people are saying that Facebook’s crash on the server was so big that they had to reboot the system manually and some staff members couldn’t get into the building because their entrance cards got blocked. 

Well, that must’ve been a funny scene. 

So why do we need decentralization immediately? Because something like that would never happen with a decentralized system. 

Once a server crashed, all of the others connected to it would have the same information so the system could continue to work without even a blimp. 

That’s what happens with the blockchain. 

All of those blocks full of information are available to each node that is connected to the decentralized ledger so the system works all the time, nonstop. 

So why is it not the way that all systems work? If something is so crash-proof, why is it not a rule rather than an exception? 

Ok, this is where you can get a bit mad with the world (if you’re not already). 

Those huge and powerful companies are huge and powerful because they have the resources and also because they have big centralized systems. 

With all the information piled up in their servers, they can have full control over them.

So, with a decentralized system, all of the connected nodes would verify and check the information on the blockchain. That gives the same amount of responsibility to all of them and it’s not centered in one of them. 

Would it be something interesting for Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp? We don’t know for sure. 

But once people get their heads around this concept and finally fully understand what decentralization is about, I am pretty sure that things would start to change really quickly. 

As a political view (I’m sorry, I have to go there), decentralization touches matters that are important to both liberals and people who believe that the power should be with the people, not only with a powerful entity, government or even a person. 

So, of course it’s scary for companies and governments which are completely used to having full domain over important information of their clients, users or populace. 

But, if they could only see that a decentralized system would benefit us all and especially protect their systems with a tamper and crash-proof work, maybe they’d put their egos and pride aside and let their platforms be the best they can be in the internet world. 

Education as the obvious solution 

I am a true believer of reinforcing ideas so they get fixed into your mind. 

Like “The Secret”, if you truly want something, you have to put the effort into believing in it, playing like a record in your head so you won’t ever forget. 

So, that being said, I feel like I must remember a very important fact:

Blockchain is not only for crypto. 

I think I’ve said it at least five times in my texts but I’ll tell you right now that this statement isn’t going anywhere. It came to stay and to prove that this technology will help us with so much and we don’t even know how. 

The Facebook matter was just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine if something happens to Google servers. 

That is really scary, right? 

So, get informed, pass the information on, spread the word of decentralization to everyone you know. It is extremely important and it is for now. 

We already have a solution for a problem that has been going on for a while. A breach under the system that we think is so modern already has its medicine. 

Why doesn’t it happen? 

The only answer I could think of is education, or the lack of it. 

As it is with cryptocurrencies and their financial solutions, the decentralized system will only explode once most of us truly understand the importance of it and demand platforms to work with it. 

That’s why it's extremely important to get the message across and that’s why I did this article. 

I want to help spread the word of decentralization so we all can feel safer in the network and be sure that all the systems will be up and running so we don’t have to guess it’s an alien invasion any time it stops - it would be only your internet connection that failed. 

And to be completely honest, I also believe that it’s just a matter of time. Egos and centralized systems may fall down when it hits the numbers and it wasn’t just the server that went down - Zuckerberg’s pockets also did:

It’s estimated that Mark’s pockets lost at least $ 120,9 billion and crashed circa 5% in the stock market. 

It seems that he’ll be thinking about that for a while now. 

So be #Klever and help me put the word out. In the words of James Brown’s song (or at least an interpretation of it): this is a centralized world, it will become nothing without the decentralized solution. 

By Maluh Bastos,

Writer and Editor

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