Auction of Freddie Mercury NFTs will help raise funds for AIDS charity

The funds will be donated to The Mercury Phoenix Trust (MPT), a charity organization that fights HIV/AIDS worldwide formed by Queen’s members

In order to celebrate the month of Freddie Mercury’s birthday and support the cause of Mercury Phoenix Trust (MPT), a charity organization that fights HIV/AIDS worldwide formed by Queen’s members, the MPT joined forces with SuperRare to organize an auction of four Freddie Mercury artworks as NFTs to help raise funds for the institution. 

The initiative will proceed to 75 hours, and was started this September 20. The four artworks symbolize the personality and artistry of Queen’s lead singer who seemed to be thinking about futuristic and groundbreaking ideas such as NFTs when he stated back in the past:

“You can do whatever you want with my work, just never make me boring.” 

-Freddie Mercury

Indeed, even though NFTs are already something that has been done by some artists, they are still a novelty when it comes to technology and art consuming habits. In that way, we can say Freddie, even not being among us, gave his permission to go and try new possibilities with his works. 

The pieces

The four pieces in auction consist of innovative and modern versions of Freddie Mercury. 

The first one is developed by Blake Kathryn who depicted his garden lodge. "Freddie's sanctuary was his garden lodge, which had an eclectic range of decor though first and foremost a deep-rooted love for classic Victorian touches with a Japanese influence”, said Blake. 

The second is a version of “human-sized” Freddie in digital graphics by Chad Knight. "For this piece, I wanted to capture his larger-than-life presence. Freddie was such a huge persona that I don't know how his spirit even fit into a human body."

The third one touches the image of the real Freddie through a real picture by Mat Maitland. "For my piece, I wanted to draw inspiration from Freddie the man, rather than his stagecraft and performance prowess."

And last, but not least, Studio JQ, did a version similar to a digital statue of Freddie Mercury in vivid colors with photo frames behind it. "I wanted to include iconic moments on stage within the photo frames, I think this supports the overall theme of, the show must go on."

You can participate in the auction and help MPT at the same time by clicking here

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