In Africa, East meets West in a Klever way

Crypto’s ascendence in the continent has being luring innovative projects that intend to change Africa's reality

The abundant talent inherent in Africa can never not be quantified with any metrics. 

The East of Africa is gifted with mother nature’s vast land for grazing and home to wild animals for tourism and culture. This has led to the increasing need for wildlife expeditions from a global perspective and also serves as an income source for that region of Africa. 

The same is said to be for the west of Africa, which is said to be the hub for industrial revolutions in the continent, filled with enormous potentials of human and natural resources for the growth and development of its region with different kinds of vegetation, trees and rivers flowing through mangrove forest. 

However, the advent of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies has changed the dynamics of how the technological and industrial revolution is migrating in a global manner. 

Africa as a place for innovation

The continent has seen a whole lot of blockchain technological projects finding their way in these parts of Africa in order to create hubs and innovation centers for the betterment of the African continent in particular as well as the world in general. 

These projects include, but not limited, to Cardano, which has seen their projects instituted into the nations of Ethiopia and Rwanda as the blockchain has been deployed in their educational strategic master plan.

The strategy also includes the idea of their governments being run on the blockchain - thereby ensuring the elimination of all the bureaucracy associated with governance, making them more transparent, trustworthy, and reliable. 

The same can also be said for countries like Nigeria, Ghana and most west African countries who are gradually appreciating the need to adopt the modern developments in the blockchain technology industry.

Many young Nigerians are adopting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies amid the crypto ban put in place by the Nigerian Central Bank. 

Ironically, the Nigerian government is pioneering the implementation of the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in Africa and this hopefully would put the adoption of cryptocurrency on everyone’s lips, knowingly or unknowingly, as they would be compelled to start using digital currencies. 

Other countries are also looking in that same direction of replicating a CBDC currency for their regions in order to curtail the depreciating value of their local currency.

Klever believes in Africa’s unification

The use of cryptocurrency in the continent of Africa can ensure seamless trading opportunities as this would reduce the effect of delay on cross border payment associated with fiat money from the banks in Africa and the transaction fees associated with such transactions.

However, the Klever team is not interested in the comparative statistics of the west and east of the African continent; we are rather interested in the unification of the entire African continent.

We are looking forward to putting that same freedom in the hands of the unbanked and least educated to have their own financial freedom by simply downloading the Klever wallet on their mobile devices. 

The Klever community has grown in leaps and bounds in the African continent by churning out educational content on our various social media platforms and our Klever news channels in order to communicate our desire and passion to liberate people by education and engagement.

The task is about unification of the entire African continent and as we always say in Klever, we are passionate about collaboration and not competition as the team is willing and ready to work with well meaning organizations and Government bodies to fast track the education and adoption of cryptocurrencies using the Klever ecosystem in the continent. 

It is indeed a Klever thing to do.

By James Enajite
Klever Writer
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