A deeper dive into the Devikins Void?

The focus today is on upcoming events, such as upcoming marketplaces, trailers, and new genes, as well as a major alpha preview.

There is a growing interest in Devikins and the community is growing daily. The focus today is on upcoming events, such as upcoming marketplaces, trailers, and new genes, as well as a major alpha preview.

As of this moment, we cannot provide a specific date for these, but Devikins has confidently noted that they are getting closer to releasing some very exciting content for both players and investors.

First off, the Marketplace.

Devikins released a short teaser last week showing the Marketplace with possible bids, sales, and user-driven opportunities for you to build your portfolio or the future of your team. The development of this feature is extremely important to Devikins, and it has seen significant progress. 

In case you missed out on the sneak preview, you can see it here:

In addition, they plan to add genes to their possible pool of NFT choices either as part of seasonal events or as part of regular NFT updates so that the available combinations of NFTs are always increasing, making each and every NFT even more unique. 

Coming soon are tinted variants for hair and hats, as well as some very, very cool looking new genes - from delightfully cute to hilariously creepy. With Halloween just around the corner, they will be releasing the new genes, including but not limited to this Plague Doctor-bonded gene, which can come in a variety of colors.

Thirdly, Devikins is excited to announce that a cinematic trailer is in production. I would describe it as stylish, sleek, and showcasing some of the coolest aspects of the Void. It will be followed by gameplay trailers and tutorials that explain how to work with the Void.

Currently, the gameplay is going smoothly, and now that final art and UI/UX flow are being developed and implemented in the game, they are getting closer and closer to having a product worth showing off.  

Obviously, there is a caveat here, as this is an alpha demo, so everything shown is subject to change, but regardless, it gives you, the players, a chance to finally see what you'll actually be getting come release.

Along with the usual set of contests and art updates, they are excited to get all of this information out to all of you, and they are working hard to ensure that you can not only have a blast playing, but also earn for your efforts.

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By Warren Manuel
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